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Justin Rudd's nonprofit 501c3 Community Action Team (C.A.T.)


Win Cash and Get Thin!

Okay, you can win some (money, that is) and you lose some (pounds, that is) if you are part of this contest. My goal is to promote healthier lifestyles, prevent illness and better manage chronic diseases in the Long Beach area with this contest that focuses on weight control and camaraderie. Do you want to be fit or fat? You've got nothing to lose, but a few pounds. So, put your money where your mouth is, and let's take it off! -Justin Rudd!

- $8,860, so far (2019); 10-weeks)
- $12,021 (2018); 10-weeks
- $15,269 (2017); 10-weeks
- $17,008 (2016); 10-weeks
- $20,000 (2015); 8-weeks
- $40,049 (2014); 12-weeks
- $40,492 (2013); 12-weeks
- $39,766 (2012); 12-weeks
- $42,969 (2011); 12-weeks
- $49,607 (2010); 12-weeks
- $54,060 (2009); 12-weeks
- $17,685 (2008); 12-weeks
- $14,750 (2007); 12-weeks

Long Beach Losers events, contests, ideas that can help you lose weight.  Get messages a few times during the contest. Free.


LONG BEACH WAS the #17 fattest city in the U.S. in 2010. And, Long Beach was also on the top-25 list of "fattest cities in the U.S. in 2009" according to Men's Fitness magazine.



MARK TWAIN once wrote: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."


Explore, Dream and Discover as much as possible in my life here on earth, and I want my Web sites to empower, equip and incite others to do the same.

Community Action TeamI WANT TO help folks to find something new and exciting to do and experience. That's why I I formed my charitable organization and named it the "Community Action Team"— a name that I feel encompasses all the varied activities and events that I have (and will continue to) organized for the good of our community.

Yours truly,
Justin Rudd!

THE MAIN PURPOSE of the Community Action Team (CAT) is to promote social well-being among the general public. As a 501c3 nonprofit corporation governed by a board of directors, contributions to CAT are tax deductible and are used to help produce quality events within our community that benefit children, animals, and the environment.

C.A.T. IS AN UMBRELLA organization that includes
4 Halloween Kids' Costume Contest
4 July 4 Kids' Bike Parade
4 Interfaith Blessing of the Animals
4 $1,000 National Kids Spelling Bee
Nat'l Adult Spelling Bee
4 Belmont Shore Sidewalk Chalk Art
4 Haute Dogs on the Beach events
4 Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade
4 Operation Easter Basket
4 Operation Santa Paws
4 5k/10k Long Beach Turkey Trot
4 monthly 30-Minute Beach Cleanups
Beds, Bikes, Bears & Blankets giveaway to those in need
Clothing giveaways to the underserved
4 Bulldog Beauty Contest

believer in the collective power of individuals joined in a spirit of goodwill and generous giving to bring about the success of a community.

-Justin Rudd!


Catechins, the powerful antioxidants found in green tea, are known to increase metabolism. In a 12-week double-blind study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants who consumed 690 milligrams of catechins from green tea daily had significantly lower body-mass indexes and smaller waist measurements than those in the control group. MensHealth.com

g Diet Basics

Bad Diet Habits

Bad Kids Snacks

Best Fitting Jeans

Better Sex Diet

Body Fat

Body Fat Testing

Body Mass Index

Calories 101

Calorie-Cutting Tips

Carbohydrate Basics



Curb Cravings

Diet Busters

Diet Myths

Diet Pills

Diet Plateaus

Doctors' Crash Diets

Easy Diet Tricks



Fast Food Facts Quiz

Fast Food Shockers


Fiber-Filled Foods

Find the Best Diet

Flatten Your Belly

Food for Flat Abs

Food Pyramid

Freshman 15

Gastric Bypass

Glycemic Index

Health Food Shockers

Healthy Food Quiz

Healthy Habits

Healthy Holiday Meals

Healthy Kids Snacks

Holiday Cocktails

Holiday Overeating

Lose Weight Together

Low Calorie Desserts

Low Calorie Salty Snacks

Low Calorie Snacks

Low Sodium Tips

Metabolism Basics

Metabolism Boosters

Muscle Mass

Overeating Triggers

Proper Portion Sizes

Religious Diets

Slimming Strategies

Smartest Diet Tips

Start a Diet

Sugar Quiz

Summer Cocktails

Super Bowl Snacks

Trans Fats

g Boost Your Metabolism

running shoesCheck out these easy ways from AOL to rev your metabolism and burn fat in no time:

Californians are Living Large

California has the 36th highest rate of adult obesity at 22.7 percent and the 32nd highest rate of overweight youths (ages 10-17) at 13.2 percent in the nation, according to a new report by Trust for America's Health (TFAH).

Percent of adults who are obese

-- Mississippi 30.6%

-- West Virginia 29.8%

-- Alabama 29.4%

-- Louisiana 28.2%

-- S.C. and Tenn. 27.8%

-- Calif. 22.7%

Fast Calif. facts

  • 23.2 percent of adults in California report that they do not engage in any physical activity. The national average is 22 percent.
  • California is one of 17 states that require their school lunches, breakfasts, and snacks to meet higher nutritional standards than the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires.
  • California is one of 22 states that have set nutritional standards for foods sold in vending machines, a la carte, in school stores, or in bake sales in schools, and the state is one of 26 states that limit when and where these foods may be sold on school property beyond federal requirements.
  • California is one of 16 states that screen students' body mass index (BMI) or fitness status and confidentially provide information to parents or guardians.

To calculate your body mass index, go HERE.

Are you obese?

The body mass index is a ratio that takes into account height and weight. Here's how the scale runs:

Obese: Body mass greater than 30

Overweight: 25 to 29.9.

Normal weight: 18.5-24.9

Underweight: Less than 18.5

However, people with a large amount of lean muscle mass, such as athletes, can show a large body mass index without having an unhealthy level of fat.



The front desk staff at The Belmont does NOT accept payments, so if you owe money during the contest, you'll need to see our volunteers at the desk in front of The Belmont on Wednesdays from, generally 6-9 a.m. or from 5-8 p.m. Or, pay at JustinRudd.com/paypal and include your name/bib number in the notes. The Belmont staff can record your weight on Wednesays from 6 a.m. til 9 p.m. Losers are not allowed in the locker rooms or to use their restrooms. You are allowed to take 10 free classes each week, so see the details below.

Where Losers are Winners
Justin Rudd's 13th-annual "Long Beach Losers" Team Weight-Loss Challenge is Going to Take It Off

Long Beach Losers weight loss challenge

In the lobby of the Belmont Athletic Club, 4918 E. Second Street in Belmont Shore, 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. with volunteers and with Belmont Athletic Club staff. Street parking is free before 10 a.m. The 10-week challenge will be Wed., Sept. 4 - Wed., Nov. 13, 2019.

offered by the Belmont Athletic Club during the 10-week contest:
(note: you must show your bib and sign a waiver each time you attend a class; check for any class cancellations at JustinRudd.com/classes before you arrive.)
* Monday 6AM Step, 12 PM Zumba, 6 PM Step
* Wednesday 12PM Zumba, 4PM Insnity Live
* Thursday 5:45AM PX90, 4:30PM Cardio Bootcamp
* Friday 4PM Yin Yoga
* Saturday 7AM Interval Training or Walking Class, 9:15AM Outdoor Tabata

What is the "Long Beach Losers Team Challenge?"


    4 $15,269 jackpot

    A weight-loss/wellness competition organized by Long Beach advocate and fitness expert Justin Rudd and sponsored by his nonprofit Community Action Team (CAT).
  2. Teams of five people will compete to lose the highest percentage of weight - not necessarily the amount of weight - during the competition. (i.e. starting weight of 220 lbs. and ending weight of 200 lbs. would be a loss of 9% body weight)
  3. Cash prizes (based on number of participants) will be disbursed to the top teams and individuals at the end of the challenge's timeframe.

Sign Up for Email Updates

Register online with credit card by Aug. 31, or at your first weigh-in with $60 cash.
Long Beach Losers 2019
Weigh-ins will be on Wednesday from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. WEAR SHOES, SANDALS, OR SLIPPERS ON THE SCALE except for the first and final weigh-ins.

Wed., Nov. 13, 2019.
You are welcome to take your shoes off for the final weigh-in.


• Weight Gain Penalty: $2/partial lb.
• No Weight Change Penalty: $2/week
• Missed Weigh-In Penalty: $5/week
• Entry fee: $60 cash, or $62 Paypal, in advance

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Long Beach Losers



2018 TOP-7 TEAMS

  Team Name Member1 Member2 Member3 Member4 Member5
1 Lb for Lb Poyer, Malelega Lagafuaina, Jessica Lagafuaina, Ala Maae, Taape Hunt, Peter
2 Slow n Steady Howell, Shelby Leytham, Michela Valsonis, Laura Kondas, Theresa Turner, Richard
3 Let's TACO bout Winning Rudman, Jackie Navarro, Adriana Navarro, Liseth Flores, Jose Estrada, Gaby
4 Believe it FORFEIT FORFEIT Agaalii, Marissa Lehauli, Sina Lehauli, John
5 LB Nation Edlin, Tiffany McRae, Bruce
Grossi, John Edrington, Mark Bunch, Brian
6 Fat to Fit 5 Conroy, Christy McManus, Mary Borin, Noah Conroy, Kennedy Borin, Jacqueline
7 Bulging buddies TORRES, MARLEN Arencibia, Robin Speciale, Kasydi Fredrickson, Linda Toufele, Tina


Place # Last Name First Name Team %Lost
1 161 Toufele Tina Bulging buddies
2 173 Stoces Jerry Belly Bailout
3 95 Turner Richard Slow n Steady 
4 55 McManus Mary Fat to Fit 5
5 211 Estrada Gaby Let's TACO bout Winning
6 17 Poyer Malelega Lb for Lb 
7 21 Lagafuaina Jessica Lb for Lb 

• $500 to 1st places (TEAM & INDIVIDUALS)
• $400 to 2nd places
• $300 to 3rd places
• $200 to 4th places
• $100 to 5th places
• $50 to 6th places
• $50 to 7th places

Sat., Nov. 16, 2019, 10:45 a.m. after the 30-Minute Beach Cleanup at 1 Granada Ave. Please also help at the cleanup at 10 a.m. Free parking for beach cleanup volunteers who use code JR1116. If you win and are not present, you can pick up your cash from Justin on Wed, Nov. 27 from 2:30-6:30 p.m. at 1 Granada Ave. during Turkey Trot 5K/10K packet pickup. Message Justin@JustinRudd.com if you are coming Nov. 27, so he makes sure to bring your cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Can I miss the very first weigh-in or another weigh-in? 
ANSWER: Yes. We understand that there are several valid reasons someone might need to miss a certain weigh-ins, including unexpected reasons. There is a $5 penalty for missing a weigh-in for any reason. The contest does not waive fees for missed weigh-ins, even if known in advance. All penalty fees go straight to the jackpot.

QUESTION: I do not have a team. Can I still register for the contest?
ANSWER: Yes, you can register without having a team, and we will assign teammates to you. Every person will compete as an individual, and on a 5-person team. You are welcome to post a note on the Long Beach Losers page on Facebook if you are searching for teammates.

QUESTION: Can I use a credit card to register or to pay penalties?

QUESTION: I can no longer continue with the contest.  Can I get a refund?  Can I transfer my payments to my teammate's account?
ANSWER: No, all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. In some instances, your team can add another contestant to complete the contest

Full list of rules are below.

Long Beach Losers jackpot

4 Sneaky little slim-down tricks

  • Sometimes a lot of small meals can lead to big weight differences.
  • Along with eating vegetables, experts suggest keeping portion sizes small
  • Another expert's tip? Brush your teeth.

How does it work?

  1. Long Beach LosersEach team member must weigh in each Wednesday, as outlined above. Weigh-in usually takes about 2 minutes, depending on the number of people in line. You do NOT have to weigh-in with your teammates.
  2. Bring your $60/cash entry fee to your first weigh-in.
  3. A participant can only be on one team. A team will consist of exactly five people.
  4. For every pound (or any fraction thereof) gained, as of the previous week's weigh-in, the person must pay $2/cash (i.e. if you gained 1.2 lbs. since the last weigh-in, you'll owe $4).
  5. If your weight stays the same from week to week, you'll owe $2/week. The purpose of the contest is to lose, not stay the same. So, be sure to lose at least a 1/2 pound each week.
  6. Cash prizes are distributed at the end of the competition to the top teams and individual losers based on percentages. (Except for 20% of all funds received that will go to the nonprofit 501c3 Community Action Team (CAT) who administers this contest, all fees collected from team members are distributed to the winning teams and individuals in the end.)

Why will it be successful?

  1. Team effort motivates participants to stay focused on losing weight through diet and exercise.
  2. Cash prizes motivate participants to remain competitive throughout the program.
  3. Team members choose their own diet and exercise program.

Who can join the contest?

  1. Long Beach LosersAny business, civic organization, church, or individual.
  2. Basically, it's $60 for this contest.
  3. Anyone who wants to lose weight (at least 8 lbs.) may participate - youth and adults.
  4. Please form your own 5-person team and you will also compete as an individual.
  5. Event organizers may choose to not allow some folks to be in the contest, if they feel the person does not need to lose weight (i.e. too thin, pregnant).

What are the benefits of the Long Beach Losers program?

  1. Weight loss and regular exercise lead to better health.
  2. Team competition promotes camaraderie, encouragement, accountability and motivation among team members and others.
  3. Healthier people have less medical expenses, which may decrease health insurance premiums.
  4. Weight loss leads to more energy, increased productivity, and higher self esteem.

How do teams register?

  1. Form a team of five people. Any individual may join any team. Those under age 18 are welcome, too, with parental permission. (If you need help finding teammates, post a note at www.facebook.com/LongBeachLosers).
  2. Teammates do NOT have to live in Long Beach.
  3. Choose a unique name (i.e. Defeat De-fat, Inch Busters, Big Butts R Us, Profit & Loss, Diet Divas, Shrinking Assets, Waist Warriors, Jelly Bellys, Honey Buns, Big Daddies).
  4. Teams and individuals will be allowed to join the contest during the month of September 2018 only.
  5. We will share only your teammates' names and email addresses with all your teammates. We may also alert your teammates if you have a balance due, since that will affect the team's standings, if not paid.
  6. We will add your email address to our database, and all correspondance will be via email. We may send a weekly e-newsletter with weekly team results. You can unsubscribe at any time.

What are the rules?

  2. No refunds, for any reason (including unexpected surgery, pregnancy, out-of-town work, or death in the family, additions/changes in rules).
  3. Weigh-ins are private and weights are confidential.
  4. All participants will weigh in every Wednesday. There are no alternative weigh-in locations, days or times during the contest.
  5. Missing three weekly weigh-ins in a row will result in disqualification.
  6. No disrobing or loading up allowed during weigh-ins. Remove heavy watches, belts, wallets, etc. before stepping on the scale.
  7. T-shirts and shorts are required for weigh-ins. No shoes during the first and final weigh-ins, except for medical reasons.
  8. No measurements will be taken.
  9. Healthy eating and exercise are encouraged.
  10. No weight-loss surgeries during the contest, or within the two weeks prior to the start of the contest.
  11. Drastic weight loss (over 5 lbs./week) is discouraged.
  12. The max. weight loss (recorded) for the final weigh-in is 5 lbs. If the scale reads more than 5 lbs. of loss, we will record only 5 lbs. for your loss. Why? That kind of weight loss per week is not healthy. This will help discourage colonics, extreme sweating, fasting, etc. on the final week's weigh-in.
  13. No sabotaging other teams.
  14. Everyone must weigh in weekly or a $5 fine will be added, per week.
  15. If you miss a weigh-in, your previous week's weight will be recorded for the missed week (i.e. zero weight loss for that week).  
  16. Weigh-ins may take place with or without other teammates.
  17. Weekly, average team weight-loss percentages will not be posted during this year's contest.
  18. There are no bonus lbs. offered for this year's contest.
  19. OUR SCALES can accommodate up to a 550 lb. person.
  20. See "drop out" and "how to win" rules below.
  21. We will add your email address to our distribution list and stay in touch with you about this contest via email.
  22. We can NOT adjust a woman's weight if she is in her monthly cycle.
  23. It is up to each participant to regularly check his/her email to read email updates from the contest organizers.
  24. Any account conflicts regarding weight or payment should be made to Justin@JustinRudd.com only, and immediately. There is no alternative. Alerting a weigh-in volunteer is not acceptable.
  25. Those who are pregnant are NOT allowed to participate.

    ·  I understand that the final results will be based on my last paid up weight and those of my teammates.
    · I understand that once my weight has been recorded, there is no do-over. I must empty my pockets of keys, phones, and other paraphernalia before I get on the scale.
    ·  I understand and agree to pay all of the fees associated with the contest before my final weigh-in.
    ·  I have consulted my doctor or another medical professional before starting a diet and exercise regimen.

    Entry fee: $60
    Weight Gain Penalty: $2/partial lb.
    No Weight Change Penalty: $2/week
    Missed Weigh-In Penalty: $5/week
    Late Arrival Penalty: $4/week
    *Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What if team members drop out?

  1. We don't encourage dropping out. You need all your original team members to remain in the contest and to lose weight in order to have a better chance at winning.
  2. Team members can be replaced only within the first month of the contest.
  3. Team members who have dropped out (and who have not been replaced) may re-join their team (with team approval, and as long as that teammate has not been replaced, and as long as their fines and fees are paid up).
  4. Team members may drop out, and the contestant's last paid-up weigh-in will be reflected in the team's final calculations.
  5. To drop out, you must give written notice by e-mail to Justin@JustinRudd.com.
  6. Team members may drop out, but their weight-loss percentages will be calculated into the team’s totals. Again, it's advantageous to keep teammates on your team and losing weight.
  7. It is the responsibility of the team member to pay all fines each week. All fines and weigh-in fees must be paid on/by the final weigh-in to be considered for prizing.
  8. No refunds or transfers, for any reason (including medical, death, funeral, marriage, job status, pregnancy, work scheduling, etc.).

    The purpose of the fees is to encourage all participants to stay in the contest and focused on the goal of weight loss. 

    All payments should be received by the final weigh-in. If in doubt about your account, email Justin@JustinRudd.com well in advance of the final weigh-in day.

How do you win the contest?

  1. For the grand prizes, we will present the winning team's teammates and the overall biggest individual loser with at least $500 (updated 9/26/18). Remember, the overall goal in this contest is for each participant to lose weight over the entire contest period. We feel that the outline/rules below for "how to win" will help to achieve that goal for all involved.
  2. Cash grand prizes will be awarded to the winning teams (divided equally by teammates who complete the contest and who are paid up), based on the sum of the individual teammates' weight-loss percentages (initial weigh-in to final weigh-in). It is therefore most beneficial to keep your teammates on your team and losing weight. We expect to offer cash to approx. the top-5 placed teams for this team grand prize.
  3. Cash grand prizes will also be awarded to the biggest individual losers, based on individual weight-loss percentages (initial weigh-in to final weigh-in). We expect to offer cash to approx. the top-5 placed individuals for this individual grand prize.
  4. Prize awards will be given only to the teammates on a team who are still active and paid-up in the contest as of the final weigh-in. Any winning team's teammates who are not active and paid-up in the contest on the last weigh-in date will forfeit his/her share of the prize money. Forfeited money will be donated to the nonprofit 501c3 Community Action Team. It is the responsibility of the contestant to go online and view his/her account and accounting.
  5. Cash grand prizing for teams and for individuals is expected to be approx. 5 deep (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th places). The exact number of winning teams and individuals will be made known only at the awards ceremony.
  6. All team winners and individual winners will split the jackpot (amounts and percentages to be determined in the final weeks of the contest).
  7. All cash winners receiving $600 or more must first sign a W-2 form provided by the Community Action Team (CAT) at the awards ceremony before they receive their cash.
  8. All persons registered in the Losers contest (even those on teams) are eligible for the individual loser awards.
  9. It is possible to win one or more team prizes and an individual loser prize.
  10. Award amounts to be determined by the amount of fees collected into the jackpot over the course of the contest.
  11. These rules and guidelines may be updated and/or changed, as necessary, by Justin Rudd and the Long Beach Losers contest organizers.
  12. Cash prizes are distributed at the end of the competition to the top teams and individual losers based on percentages. (Except for 20% of all funds received that will go to the nonprofit 501c3 Community Action Team (CAT) who administers this contest, all fees collected from team members are distributed to the winning teams and individuals in the end.)

Start Lifting Weights to...
4 boost your metabolic rate
4 maximize your fat-burning potential
4 build and/or tone your muscles
4 Justin recommends strength training at least 2x/week

Event organizer Justin Rudd, Justin@JustinRudd.com

Cash prizes will be awarded to approx. five teams in the Long Beach Loser contest, based on the total of the individual teammates' weight-loss percentages (initial weigh-in to final weigh-in). For the grand prize, it is therefore advantageous to keep teammates on your team throughout the contest and encourage them all to lose weight. There will also be cash prizes for the indiviuals who lose the greatest percentage of body weight. READ MORE

long beach biggest loser weight loss contest justin rudd


My team name is "Four Plus One."  I drive from Riverside to weigh in.  -Regina.

I don't know if my team lives the furthest, but we're doing a weekly commute (for the weigh-in) from El Monte which is 27 miles north of Long Beach. From MapQuest this was the estimated time and distance it showed from my house to the front of Runner's High!  Estimated Time: 35 minutes Estimated Distance: 27.03 miles  - Spencer

I'm a grandfather in my mid-70s who drives in from Corona del Mar to weigh in. I'm on the same team with my son and grand-daughter who talked me into this great idea.  I've already lost 8 pounds -- mostly from my having to wander up and down 2nd Street each weigh-in day trying to find the weigh-in point. (I keep forgetting it).  It's a wonderful program.  Thank you and and Go Team! (My kids told me the name but I keep forgetting it).  -Duke

Good Morning Justin, My wife & I leave in Los Angles. Crenshaw District.  -Isaac & Regina, "Lunch Meat"

I travel about 20 miles one way.  I live in L.A. right next to Cal State L.A.  -Claudia, "Weight Loss Divas"

My wife & I live on the border of El Segundo & Hawthorne about 20 miles away. I work down there in Long Beach.  -Doug

I weigh in the eve. I drive from work Glendale, CA and then go home to Downey. I start work before Runner’s High opens. Hey, but it is just an added motivator.  If I have to drive Glendale to Belmont Shore I better have lost weight. -Sylvia

I work in Long Beach but live in Westchester - near LAX. - Sonya


g Despite the proliferation of materials and education about losing weight, Americans are getting fatter than ever.

The future of trans fat

Exercise's other benefits: Good sex, good sleep

At-home and school, kids are sedentary

How eating habits have changed

Eating disorders not just in teens anymore

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2017 TOP-10 TEAMS, % LOST
(top-10 received prize money, each 1st place teammate got $1,000)

1ST #StillPuka 64.31 Chloe Faaliliu (17114) 16.2309 M Eric Faaliliu (17115) 20.197 Mahonri Sapiga (17179) 18.0365 Marjorie Sapiga (17203) 9.84293
2ND Losing to Win 63.23 Adolfo Perez (17059) 19.7617 Sany Loisranoi (17060) 11.3422 Jose Pena (17067) 16.6804 Maria Pena (17068) 15.4481
3RD The Flabulous Four 59.29 Adriana Navarro (17149) 12.6115 Erik Garcia (17150) 21.0477 Gaby Estrada (17151) 12.1252 Joe Flores (17152) 13.5016
4TH TEAM ALL IN 57.1 Suliana Ahhong (17006) 11.1014 Koili Ah-Hong (17101) 14.3911 Kato Ah-Hong (17102) 13.6953 Ivan Ah-Hong (17103) 17.9104
5TH Weight, What?? 54.58 Kelly Robertson (17081) 8.3043 Filipo Robertson (17082) 14.8443 Jabonnica Robertson (17083) 16.5309 Joy Saleapaga (17084) 14.8984
6TH SLIM POSSIBLE 53.68 Freida Robertson (17056) 12.4276 Lethe Robertson (17057) 12.9278 Sid Robertson (17058) 12.327  Lucy Clark (17061) 16
7TH #team
50.45 Malelega Poyer (17005) 15.117 Jessica Lagafuaina (17028) 14.421 Peter Hunt (17009) 10.3756 Paul Hunt (17174) 10.5383
8TH Fit Fam 50.44 Cecilia Kuresa (17193) 10.6371 Senetenari Ale (17196) 10.6702 Pepe Kuresa (17194) 10.3692 Taale Tui (17195) 18.7675
9TH 4 Coronas 38.89 Robin Arencibia (17023) 9.49796 Mary Pat Palmer (17073) 7.02152 Mitra Giles (17074) 12.9736 Marlen Torres (17075) 9.39481
10TH The Weight is Over 36.57 Christine Yoon (17078) 13.1944 Cindy Emami (17089) 5.90308 Susan Tate (17108) 8.88407 cheyenne swenson (17155) 8.59141 FORFEIT

(top-10 received prize money, 1st place got $1,000)

1ST Garcia Erik 21.0477
2ND Faaliliu M Eric 20.197
3RD Perez Adolfo 19.7617
4TH Tui Taale 18.7675
5TH Sapiga Mahonri 18.0365
6TH Ah-Hong Ivan 17.9104
7TH Schirmer Jim 17.2789
8TH Pena Jose 16.6804
9TH Robertson Jabonnica 16.5309
10TH Pomale Michelle 16.2555

(top-9 received prize money, 1st place got $1,000)
1 Lepua Alex 23.6257
2 Rudman Jackie 23.3696
3 Sapiga Mo 19.8912
4 Ulugia Cheryl 19.3574
5 Yanthis Lauren 19.3301
6 Clark David 17.4979
8 Kersey Rachel 15.7502
9 Robertson Jabonnica 15.508
10 Lata Pani 15.2853
11 Poyer Malelega 15.0118
12 Spann Derek 14.9374
13 Schirmer Jim 14.8718
14 Riley Vanessa 14.6766
15 Ioane Rodney 14.4361
16 Beck Edmund 14.1653
17 Aho Percevs 14.0912
18 Gallego Gordon 13.8549
19 White Sunny 13.6959
20 Howell Shelby 13.4375
21 Taula Asalemo 13.3279
22 Poyer Henry 13.1704
23 Kuresa Cassander 12.8533
24 Florsheim Renee 12.591
25 Hunt Peter 12.5388
26 Dawkins Joseph 12.3779
27 Saleapaga Joy 11.9048
28 Caldwell Kalani 11.6883
29 Fatulegaee Jeremy 11.6168
30 Schwenke Tanya 11.5927

2016 TOP-15 TEAMS, % LOST
(top-9 received prize money, each 1st place teammate got $1,000)

1 Fit Just Got Real 58.5 Cassander Kuresa (16316) Jeremy Fatulegaee (16134) Cheryl Ulugia (16133) Vanessa Riley (16174)
2 Team Taumafai 51.7 Alex Lepua (16198) Pani Lata (16093) Janay Lata (16196) Douglas Andrews (16200)
3 Fat N Furious 51.1 Kanesa Taula (16020) Kathy Taula (16126) Asalemo Taula (16213) FORFEIT
4 #teamCelia 50.3 Henry Poyer (16090) Malelega Poyer (16089) Paul Hunt (16119) Peter Hunt (16315)
5 MacroFit 49.1 Jennifer Parra (16031) Jackie Rudman (16143) FORFEIT Adriana Navarro (16207)
6 Team Focus 44.6 Kelly Robertson (16041) Filipo Robertson (16044) Jabonnica Robertson (16045) Ivanho Ahhong (16046)
7 Team Sapiga 41.3 Marjorie Sapiga (16105) Mo Sapiga (16106) Rae Sapiga (16107) Qitana Sapiga (16303)
9 Boom Shaka Laka 37.4 Rachel Kersey (16323) Chelsea McCormick (16012) Connie Granieri (16324) Diane Ramirez (16350)
10 Take Off 36.8 Sharlene Tipeni (16203) Tanya Schwenke (16120) Melissa Aiono (16206) Doreen Leota (16209)
11 Bay Shore Church 35.2 David Clark (16329) Dayna Kinkade (16330) John Pohorsky (16358) Todd McHenry (16180)
12 The Core Four 35.1 Amy Marshall (16025) Brian Marshall (16026) Sarah Krueger (16030) Mary Thompson (16029)
13 Team Get It 33.6 Melody Mataomaile (16138) Randy Maae (16137) Rodney Ioane (16381) Elpis Liaina (16141)
14 MASS Appeal 33.1 Aprylle Ross (16054) Michelle Wilson (16039) Sherri Harris (16063) Sherita Marks-Pearson (16065)
15 HEAVY HITTAZ 31.6 Erik Konop (16014) Gregory Utupo (16115) Christopher Reveles (16016) Reagan Logova (16064)
16 Weight What?! 31.2 Glen Nesbitt (16150) Donna Coats (16036) Derek Spann (16088) Adrienne Alo (16342)
17 Drop it Like It's Hot 30.9 Rebecca Fast (16108) Lisa Fischer (16136) Ed Lidyoff (16199) Pamela Whisner (16226)
18 LB Scale Blazers 29.4 Jim Schirmer (16060) Sarah Schirmer (16124) Nancy Loera (16024) Brenda Loera (16155)
19 Fab & Forty 29.4 Dina Berg (16339) Charlotte Sykora (16015) Gusti Lind (16027) Sunny White (16388)
20 Flab to Flab 29.1 Joseph Dawkins (16052) Gordon Gallego (16053) Kelley De La Fuente (16077) Carly Andrews (16078)

2015 Winners

Top-20 Individual Winners & Percentage Lost
2015 Long Beach Losers winners

Top-20 teams and sum of percentage lost between the three teammates
Long Beach Losers winning teams

2014 Winners

1 $1,000 CARMEN DIAZ

1 $1,000 KEEP IT 100
10 $50 SI SE PUEDE

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Weight-loss facts and myths

weight loss man womanQ: The best rate of weight loss is no more than 1.5 pounds per week.

A: Fact. Any faster and you are not actually losing fat weight, but rather lean muscle tissue and water weight. Realistically, there is no quicker or safer way to lose fat weight! Remember, you didn't’t gain it overnight!

Q: Fasting or skipping meals regularly is a great way to cleanse the system of impurities and encourage weight loss.

A: Fiction. Your body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients each day for normal function. Denying the body of these essential elements throws the system into survival mode, slowing the metabolism and encouraging the storage of energy in the form of fat. You have to eat in order to lose weight.

Q: Eating brown rice is a healthier alternative to white rice.

A: Fiction. Although it is slightly better, the body still considers all rice as a quick source of energy but processes it as a sugar. It becomes glucose, then fat! Rule of thumb: 1 cup of rice = 1 cup of sugar!

Q: The low-fat and no-fat products contain fewer calories.

A: Fiction. Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories. BUT, most pre-packaged foods that boast "low-fat" or "no-fat" often are often very high in calories because of the ingredients added to increase flavor and consistency. Purchasing these products is not a license to eat them in unlimited quantities. Read labels for serving sizes and nutritional information.

Q: Reducing calories is the ultimate key to weight loss.

A: Fact! We must expend more calories than we consume in order to lose weight. There is just no getting around it! It really sounds too simple doesn't’t it? Instead of making the conscious effort to make everything we eat count nutritionally, we tend to waste a lot of calories on things that don’t promote health.

Q: Nuts are a healthful and beneficial snack.

A: Fact! Although they are higher in calories and fat, they are a good source of protein and fiber and have no cholesterol. Additionally, the fat in cashews, macadamia, hazelnuts, almonds and pecans is the good monounsaturated variety that our bodies need for certain functions. Eat in moderation!

Q: Eating certain types of foods, like acidic grapefruits or very spicy foods every day, will speed up metabolism and burn fat.

A: Fiction. No food will burn fat. Some foods contain properties that may temporarily speed up metabolism, but not enough to cause weight loss.

Q: Protein bars are a terrific high-protein meal substitute.

A: Fiction! Many protein bars on the market are just candy bars in disguise. They are a highly processed. Many contain unhealthy oils, which have been shown to increase cholesterol, and inferior proteins.

Source: Kronos Optimal Health Centre, 1-800-525-5332

g Lots of Ways to be Long Beach's Biggest Loser

1. Think about the prize jackpot.
2. Get at least 8 hours of sleep.
3. Eat one cookie, instead of 6.
4. Drive by drive-throughs.
Don't stop.
5. Order a small.
6. Brush your teeth.
7. Less salt.
8. Put down the TV remote.
9. More raw veggies.
10. Walk the block before bed.
11. Drink more water.
12. Eat only 1/2 of a dessert.
13. Park farther away from the front door and walk.
14. Take the stairs, instead of the elevator or escalator..
15. Do some pushups instead of watching TV commercials.
16. Don't super-size.
17. Drink some green tea.
18. Envision a leaner you.
19. Take before and after photos.
20. Take half your meal to-go.
21. Smaller portions of everything.
22. Write down everything you eat.
23. Tell everyone you are doing a weight-loss challenge.
24. Move, move, move everywhere.
25. Change up places to exercise so you do not get bored.
26. Take the stairs, instead of the elevator
27. Walk to the corner grocery
28. Walk the dog, instead of having the kids do it!
29. Walk during the lunch hour = half hour to eat, the half you can walk.
30. If you feel hungry, drink water first.
31. Kick the sugar habit!
32. Remind yourself that "eating is instant gratification, losing is forever!"
33. Remember, to gain took time ... to lose takes time too!
34. Share your dinner with a friend!
35. Shop with Calories in Mind!
36. Use a Smaller Plate or Bowl!
37. Trick yourself into gum!
38. Brush your teeth early in the evening.
39. Don't eat after 8 PM.
40. Eat and Chew Slowly!
41. Don't Watch TV While Eating.
42. Remove one target food from your diet.
43. Don't go to the grocery store hungry.
44. Eat a little something before you go out to eat.
45. Find some low-calorie recipes.
46. Try a new outdoor recreation activity.
47. Buy that new bathing suit 2 sizes smaller for motivation.
48. Eat Breakfast!
49. Implement positive self-talk and affirmations.
50. Reach your target heart rate
51. Instead of foot long sandwiches, order a 6-inch wheat bread with mustard.
52. Lower red meat intake
53. Avoid saturated fats
54. Breathe slowly and deeply.
55. Relax.
56. Meditate.
57. Keep a sense of humor.
58. Get a pedometer and use it.
59. Even while seated, exercise.
60. Double-up the stairs.
61. Do all of the tips with a spouse or friend.
62. Ban midnight munchies.
63. Try a new, healthy recipe.
64. No buffets.
65. Use portion control: a 3-oz. meat should be the size of a deck of cards.
66. 1 cup of rice, pasta or potatoes should be the size of a  tennis ball
67. Walk around the block
when you get stressed.
68. Drink less alcohol.
69. Eat more whole grains.
70. Stop emotional eating.
71. Think like a lean person.
72. Eat a rainbow of colors and whole grains.
73. Kick up the calcium.
74. Never go more than 4-5 hours without eating.
75. Stop smoking!
76. Encourage exercise with your kids.
77. Make healthy eating a family affair.
79. Eat fresh, non-processed food.
80. Tell a friend: they can help keep you in check.
81. Turn the TV OFF (commercials make you hungry/crave).
82. Get out of your normal surroundings/routine.
83. Get out of your normal surroundings/routine.
84. Get a book about your local trails - then check them out!
85. WRITE/state YOUR GOAL - post it on the refrigerator/mirrors - everywhere!
86. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!
87. Just ate but still feel hungry? Go for a walk!  GO!
88. Water, WATER, more WATER!
89. Cut out/back on soda - even diet soda.
90. Drink tea instead of coffee.
91.Have protein snacks handy.
92. One pound of brustle sprouts is still ONE POUND!
93. Grill enough chicken/fish for several days! (no excuses!)
94. An apple a day adds fiber to your diet. (not apple pie)
95. Keep a food diary. Everything in your mouth counts!
96. Join a 'loser' near you.
97. Have a winning attitude.
98. See yourself at your ideal weight.
99. Join your local walking/hiking club.
100. Believe.
101.Try a papaya
102. Try passion fruit
103. Try a guava
104. Try a mamey sapote
106. Try a pepino
107. Try a Kiwi
108. Try a Lychee
109. Eat smarter.
110. Have a yogurt.
111. Eat some antioxidants.
112. Try some soy.
113. Eat tofu.
114. Have healthy snacks on hand.
115. Try a lowfat summer salad.
116. Watch FitTV.
117. Watch Discovery Health channel.
118. Shop organic.
119. Get plenty of vitamin C.
120. Eat whole wheat.
121. Pack kids lunches with healthy snacks.
122. Go to a farmers' market.
123. Grow your own herbs
start a garden.
124. Reduce soda intake.
125. Stretch before exercising.
126. Cool down after a workout
127. Take up hiking.
128. Pull weeds.
129. Keep summer grilling healthy.
130. Listen to music while working out that keeps you going.
131. Schedule new workout classes a week ahead of time.
132. Make an exercise agreement with your partner/friend.
133. Enroll in a self-defense class.
134. Invest in a trainer.
135. Have your body-fat level measured in the beginning and see how much of a change at your goal.
136. Try rock climbing.
137. Try whitewater kayaking.
138. Try surfing.
139. Boost your adrenaline.
140. Sign up for a 5K, 10K, marathon or half marathon.
141. Pamper yourself.
142. Get some new running shoes.
143. Get a new haircut.
144. Have olive oil.
145. Take up ballroom dancing
146. Get a physical from the doctor
147. Know you will look irresistible to your partner when you reach your goal.
148. Know that change is a good thing.
149. Ride a bike.
150. Learn how to skate.
151. Jump rope.
152. try something new at a health food store.
153. Get outside.
154. Fly a kite.
155. Wash your dog yourself.
156. Wash your car yourself.
157. Read about fitness.
158. Workout different muscles.
159. Set the treadmill to incline
160. Try a new workout machine
161. Cook with basil
162. Reward yourself when you reach your goal
163. Think about your teammates
164. Post a picture of what you want to look like on the fridge.
165. Put in your bleaching tray after you eat dinner, so you're not tempted to snack before bed.
166. Pay your children to discourage you from eating.  Maybe $1 for each lb. you lose.
167. Avoid trans fats.
168. Don't fast.
169. Don't skip a meal. In fact, eat about 6 smaller meals throughout the day.
170. Avoid frozen meals, since they are typically high in sodium.
171. Don't eat really yellow bananas, since they contain a lot of sugar.
172. Buy smaller bananas or eat only half of a banana.
173. Avoid energy bars as meal replacements.
174. Take daily multivitamin.
175. Tell everyone you know that you are trying to lose weight and ask them to be your cheerleaders and accountability partners.
176. Practice mindful eating. 
177. Support creative visualization -- visualize the new, slim you. 
178. Think positively.
179. Lift some weights.
180. Understand that weight-loss plateaus are natural and do occur
181. Increase the duration and intensity of your workout.
182. Eat at least 1,200 calories a day.
183. Do not deprive your body of food. Starvation slows your metabolism and makes it tougher to shed weight.
184. Shake up you food choices.
185. Avoid soy sauce, or choose low-sodium soy.
186. Eat California rolls. They are high in protein and low in fat.
187. Don't reward yourself with food.
188. Shrink the size of your snacks.
189. Train for an event to stay in shape (i.e. the upcoming Grunion Run/
Walk 5K/10K or the Long Beach Turkey Trot.
190. Ease yourself in to exercise.
191. Push-mow the lawn.
192. Drink eight glasses of water a day.
193. Avoid flavored bottled waters that often contain extra sodium, calories and artificial sweeteners.
194. Understand that some medications, like the antidepressant Paxil, can cause weight gain.
195. Try to buy pre-portioned groceries.
196. Keep a journal or online blog of your successes and struggles with weight loss.
197. Understand that eating slowly lets your body develop satiety (the feeling of fullness) that signals you to eat less.
198. Spend time with friends, so you won't allow eating to accompany your boredom and loneliness.
199. Adding hills to your workout ups the calorie burn like crazy.
200. Recruit a walking buddy.
201. Exercise an hour a day.
202. Switch off among three different cardio activities a week.
203. It's okay to have a cheat meal (in moderation) each week. Mine will be pizza.
204. Put small servings of a snack, like chips, in a bowl in stead of mindlessly eating from the bag.
205. Don't approach your diet with a beginning and an end. Make lifestyle changes.
206. Cut back to 7 calories per pound of your current body weight. (If you are under 150 lbs., use 150 as your starting weight).
207. Don't eat chicken skin.
208. Each meal should contain carbs and protein.
209. Think of sweat as fat dripping off your body.
210. Clean out your pantry and toss out junk food.
211. Concentrate on becoming super-healthy, instead of super-thin.
212. Strength training is your secret weapon. Try Justin Rudd's Beach Body Sculpt Classes.
213. Don't wait to celebrate until after your last pound is gone. Celebrate daily during the process!
214. Repeat this mantra: "I CAN DO IT!" throughout the day.
215. Share a dessert, instead of eating it all by yourself.
216. Avoid appetizers and a bunch of bread at restaurants. Drink a glass of water while your food is being prepared.
217. Get a makeover now. Don't wait til you've lost all the weight.
218. Request that the chef saute your foods without butter. A cooking spray is better.
219. Use a smaller dinner plate.
220. Use smaller spoons when eating desserts.
221. Your plate should contain 25 percent whole grains, 25 percent lean protein, and 50 percent fruit and vegetables.
222. Put decadent foods out of sight in your fridge and freezer. Healthy foods should be in plain sight.
223. Drink eight to ten 8-oz. glasses of water per day.
224. Replace full-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese with lower-fat versions.
225. Add flavor to a big pitcher of water by floating mint, orange, lemon and/or cucumber slices. Keep that pitcher on your top shelf in the refrigerator.
226. Try to replace butter with healthier (unsaturated fat) olive oil.
227. Keep a measuring cup handy for snacks and cereals, so you can measure a sensible portion.
228. Choose whole-grain options.
229. Don't eat sugary cereals.
230. Cure or quit eating after 6 p.m.
231. Portion and label your pre-cooked meals so the are easy to grab.
232. Jump rope for 10 minutes and burn 100 calories.
233. Go for a 20-minute walk and burn 102 calories.
234. Skip the crust on your pie slice and save 100 calories.
235. Eat open-faced sandwiches (1 slice of bread) and save 100 calories.
236. Recruit a diet coach.
237. Realize that not everyone loses weight each week. Keep plugging away and you will lose weight the next week.
238. Even though you may be tired, you are not too tired. Exercise will energize you.
239. Make an exhaustive list of why you want to lose weight.
240. Set your weight loss goals in 5-lb. increments. Once you hit the first goal, move to the next.
241. List the positive things about your weight loss and play those thoughts over and over in your head.
242. Write down everything you eat and analyze the list.
243. Have a little competition with a friend to see who exercises the most minutes in a week.
244. Instead of saying, "I'm going to work out." say, "I'm going to burn fat."
245. Join a group like Weight Watchers or Lindora.
246. Use www.dwlz.com to look up restaurant nutrition info to choose what you'll order before you leave home.
247. Fill up on fiber-rich foods like oatmeal or an apple to boost your stamina before a workout.
248. After a workout, go for fiber and add protein to help build healthy muscles.
249. Remember that dieting without exercise can't get rid of fat. A dieter who exercises often has smaller fat cells and a lower risk of heart disease.
250. Exercise (especially strength training) helps you maintain or increase your muscle mass and metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat.
251. Try these free online Web sites: sparkpeople.com, googlemodules.com, and diettelevision.com.
252. Join the YMCA or a gym and take advantage of its facilities and programs.
253. Make a meal for your pet and watch them eat!
254. Read this entire Web site for many more benefits of nutrition, exercise and healthy eating!
255. Don't just think about healthy eating, Do healthy eating!
256. Got an urge to snack, brush your teeth instead!
257. Watch the Food Channel and live vicariously through them!
258. Don't shop when you are hungry.
259. Watch " The Biggest Loser" or " Fat March" on T.V. When they lose big it's motivating.
260. Buy an outfit 2 sizes to small.
261. Appreciate sweat.
262. Crank the treadmill to at least 5.
263. Eat seasonal fruits and veggies.
264. After dinner, walk and then come back to clean up.
265. Go to the playground with your kids.
266. Take advantage of the cooler weather outside in the fall.
267. Remember, when you love yourself you'll attract more love in your life.
268. Get massages.
269. Try ballroom dancing.
270. Try zumba.
271. Try kickboxing.
272. Try salsa dancing.
273. Try yoga.
274. Try Tai chi.
275. Try pole dancing.
276. Try water aerobics.
277. Excercise to music.
278. Know that the Long Beach Loser challenge is quickly approaching its ending, so work hard.
279. Get a bootylicious butt and do squats.
280. Eliminate food in your cabinet that my wean you off your program.
281. Keep your fridge stocked with fresh fruits and veggies.
282. Be good to yourself
283. Thinking good thoughts will keep you healthy.
284. Eat more fish.
285. Create your own easy and healthy cook book and share it with your
friends. Make it fun!
286. Embrace the new you you are becoming!
287. Squeeze lemon over watermelon and salads.
288. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.
289. ??? SEND A SUGGESTION FOR THIS LIST to Justin@JustinRudd.com


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