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Note on Facebook from Justin's client, Andrea Robertson, Mrs. America 2010
Congrats to my client Andrea Robertson, Mrs. America & runner-up to Mrs. World! | VIDEO

UPDATED JAN. 3, 2023


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Pageant expert Justin Rudd can make it happen. Growing up in south Alabama, Rudd is now a resident of Long Beach, Calif., and has been active in the pageant world for more than 28 years as a judge, director and coach.

His forte is phone coaching -- helping teens and adults with interview skills, on-stage questions and bio sheets. $100/hr. weekday.

He has two volumes of pageant practice questions ($24.95 ea.) -- each having 1,001 unique questions; and a special collection of 150+ Mrs. questions ($15).

Contact to set up an appointment now.

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Dawn Rodriguez, Mrs. California United States 2013
Congrats to Dawn Rodrigues for winning Mrs. California United States.
Congrats to my client Andrea Robertson, Mrs. America 2010
Congrats to my client Andrea Robertson, Mrs. America
Congrats to my client Kristi Cavinder, Miss California (America) 2009
Congrats to my client Kristi Cavinder, Miss California (America)
2008 Teen Miss U. S. National Forestry Queen Tess Hammock
Congrats to my client Tess Hammock, Teen Miss U. S. National Forestry 
Jackie Geist - Miss California 2008 with pageant coach Justin Rudd
Congrats to my client Jackie Geist, Miss California, top-7 at Miss America
denise yates mrs. kentucky justin rudd
Congrats to my client Dr. Denise Attaway Yates, Mrs. Kentucky America & top-10 at Mrs. America
Jenna Vaught Miss Plua America Elite
Congrats to my client Jenna Vaught, Miss Plus America Elite
Shandi Finnessey, Miss USA 2004 (1st runner-up at Miss Universe)
Shandi Finnessey, Miss USA (1st runner-up at Miss Universe)
Congrats to my client: Tamiko Nash, Miss California USA 2006 (1st runner-up at Miss USA)
Congrats to my client: Tamiko Nash, Miss California USA (1st runner-up at Miss USA)
Kellye Cash, Miss America 1987 w/ pageant coach Justin Rudd!
Kellye Cash, Miss America
Maria DeSantis, Miss Amerca's Outstanding Teen 2007 with pageant coach Justin Rudd!
Maria DeSantis, Miss Amerca's Outstanding Teen
Congrats to my client Andrea Preuss -- Mrs. America 2006 (top-10 at Mrs. World); Mrs. United States 2003
Congrats to my client Andrea Preuss -- Mrs. America (top-10 at Mrs. World); Mrs. United States
Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999
Nicole Johnson, Miss America
Congrats to my client: Jacque Fontaine, Miss California 2006 (top-10 at Miss America)
Congrats to my client: Jacque Fontaine, Miss California (top-10 at Miss America)
Kate Shindle, Miss America 1998
Kate Shindle, Miss America
Allison Alderson DeMarcus, Miss Tennessee (America) 1999; Miss Tennessee USA 2002; Miss Tennessee Teen USA 1994 (3rd runner-up Miss Teen USA)
Allison Alderson DeMarcus, Miss Tennessee (America) ; Miss Tennessee USA ; Miss Tennessee Teen USA (3rd runner-up Miss Teen USA)
Susan Powell, Miss America 1981
Susan Powell, Miss America
Tami Farrell, Miss Teen USA 2003
mi Farrell, Miss Teen USA 2003
Chelsea Cooley, Miss USA 2005
Chelsea Cooley, Miss
USA 2005

Susie Castillo, Miss USA 2003
Castillo, Miss USA 2003
Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006
Tara Conner, Miss
USA 2006
Ashley Coleman, Miss Teen USA 1999
Ashley Coleman, Miss Teen USA 1999
Keylee Sue Sanders, Miss Teen USA 1995
Keylee Sue Sanders, Miss Teen USA 1995

Gretchen Carlson
Former co-anchor of Fox's Fox & Friends. Miss America 1989

Halle Berry
2002 Best Actress Oscar Winner. Miss Ohio USA 1986, 1st runner-up at Miss USA 1986, Miss Teen All-American 1985.

Diane Sawyer
Former anchor of ABC World News. 1963 America's Junior Miss

Julie Moran
Former host on "Entertainment Tonight." 1980 America's Junior Miss

Oprah Winfrey
1971 Miss Fire Prevention and Miss Black Tennessee

Nancy O'Dell
Co Host of "Access Hollywood". Former Miss South Carolina

Sharon Stone
Academy Award nominated Actress. Former Miss Crawford County (PA)

Debbie Reynolds
One of America's film greats. Miss Burbank 1948

Sophia Loren
Oscar Winning Actress for "Two Women." Former Miss Italy runner-up

Delta Burke
Actress from "Designing Women". Miss Florida 1974

Victoria Principal
Actress, and multi-millionaire cosmetics mogul. Former Miss Dallas

Cloris Leachman
Oscar winning actress. "The Last Picture Show." Former Miss Chicago

Raquel Welch
Actress. Former Maid of California

Phyllis George
Entrepreneur, was married to Kentucky Governor. Miss America 1971

Vanessa Williams
Actress, Singer and Spokesperson. Miss America 1984

Deborah Norville
Anchor, "Inside Edition. 1976 Georgia Junior Miss

Tifani Amber-Thiessen
Actress. "Beverly Hills 90210". Former Miss Jr. America.

Imelda Marcos
Former First Lady of the Philippines. Former Miss Manila 1953

Loni Anderson
Starred in "WKRP Cincinnati.". Former Miss Roseville (MN)

Mary Hart
Miss South Dakota, (America) 1970

Kathie Lee Gifford
1971 Maryland's Jr. Miss


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You're a Winner with Justin Rudd's Interview Coaching & Paperwork Consulting

phone coaching with Justin RuddEACH PHONE SESSION (or in-person session at his apt. in Long Beach, Calif.) will leave you feeling encouraged and prepared for your upcoming pageant. Justin includes short mock interviews with feedback, tons of winning tips, advice, pointers, corrections, and plenty of discussion about any questions you might have.

Please make payment at least 24 hours prior to an appointment. NOTE: No refunds. And, no changes in time/date within the 24 hours before a scheduled appointment. Justin generally accepts clients from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Calif. time. Email paperwork/bio sheets (OPTIONAL) to

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Pageant Interview Coaching with Justin Rudd Produces Winners

Justin Rudd and Miss Maine Teen USAJUSTIN RUDD, a resident of Long Beach, Calif., has been in the pageant coaching business for more than 25 years and he is ready to help! His forte is helping teens and adults with their pageant interview skills, on-stage questions and bio sheets. The fee for a full hour is $100/weekday or $150/weekend ---while the 1/2 hour session is only $60/weekday. Each session will include short mock interviews with feedback, tons of winning tips, advice, pointers, corrections, and plenty of discussion about any questions you might have. Justin recommends at least one session a month and a session each week during the month of the pageant.

Appointments available this week.

Justin will call you for the session.


  • What to do and exactly when to get ready for a pageant.
  • What a bio sheet should (and should not) say about a contestant.
  • When to (and when not to) shake a judge's hand.
  • The questions you're most likely to hear from the judges. 
  • What not to say to a judge.
  • What judges want to know about you.
  • The #1 most-asked pageant interview questions and great answers for them.
  • The topics that make judges like you.
  • How long your interview answers should be.
  • What to do right before entering the judges' interview room.
  • How to handle a judges panel and who to look at.
  • The million dollar answer to: "What's the biggest problem facing us today?"
  • What to say when you don't know the answer to a judge's question.
  • Key tips every winner knows before her pageant day.
  • How to present dynamic opening and closing statements.
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls on bio/info sheets.
  • Where to go for help with public speaking.
  • Recovery techniques when you think you've screwed up the interview.
  • Ways to calm your nerves before the interview.
  • Techniques for at-your-home pageant practice.
  • The importance and necessity of a pageant coach.
  • What to say in conclusion before leaving the judges.
  • Controversial topics that a contestant should avoid.
  • What judges are looking for and what they don't care about.
  • Current events that you should have opinions about.
  • The importance of first impressions.
  • Much more.
    E-mail to set up a coaching appointment.

TO GET STARTED, email with some dates/times that are good for you. Then, Justin will need your payment in advance. Justin generally can take clients on weekdays from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. (Calif. time). Some same-day or next-day appointments are available.

If you have further questions, please contact

Justin Rudd's 1,001 Pageant Interview Practice Questions Creates Winners!
Reviewed by Suzanne Burger, Pageant News Bureau

Shelly Hennig Miss Teen USA and Justin Rudd pageant coachI'VE NEVER MET JUSTIN RUDD, but I think I would find him good company. I like a person who gets to the point, and that is what he does in this very useful manual. It contains no fluff, no pep talks, no anecdotes about Rudd or the beauty queens he has trained. There is just some concise, straightforward advice, followed by an exhaustive list of questions (loose-leaf).

of course, that Rudd doesn't have all the answers. The answers are ultimately up to you. But he has enough questions to let you drill for hours, to let you test your mind and your nerves. There are questions on all sorts of subjects, questions of fact, questions of opinion, questions that have no single right answer.

assumes a certain maturity. This booklet really isn't for very young girls, or for women who are reluctant to be in competition. They could be scared off by the sheer quantity of questions. But for girls and women who really want to win a crown, mastering this material will be an education and a confidence-builder.

NO PUBLICATION ALONE can replace professional pageant coaching, as Rudd himself makes clear. But this guide is highly recommended for those who don't have access to a good coach, and it's a bargain compared to a bad coach. I suspect that use of this work will help many girls evaluate how good their own coaches are. I also suspect that plenty of coaches will be reading it.

Justin Rudd's 1,001 Pageant Questions (loose-leaf form, $24.95).

Suzanne Burger is a beauty queen, model, law officer and security consultant. - Pageant News Bureau

A Winning Pageant Interview
By Justin Rudd

IT IS MY INTENTION to expose budding contestants and candidates to what is an often-overlooked portion of nearly all pageants/programs-- the interview phase of competition. Sure, every contestant can do an interview, but how many can do it well? There are three ideas that should be pointed out here that can help make the difference between taking the title or walking away empty handed. They are--being prepared for the interview; keeping the interview focused; and using words and ideas that are descriptive and memorable.

hopefuls do not really consider or devote enough time to is preparing themselves for the interview phase of competition, which can sometimes amount to 50 percent or more of one's overall score. It is amazing how many first-time contestants decide to wing this process only to find out too late how truly difficult it is to effectively communicate their point. Like any good Boy Scout can tell you -- the key to success is being prepared.


When you order the 1,001 Pageant Questions you'll also receive a free loose-leaf copy of Justin Rudd's "Key Tips to a Successful Pageant Interview."

ASPIRING TITLISTS need preparatory tools that will help them feel comfortable and increase their familiarity with answering the kinds of philosophical and hypothetical questions that are an inherent part of pageant interviews. Sometimes knowing the important questions is as critical as having the right answers, and being prepared for the interview stage is crucial to winning a title.

By studying questions such as those furnished by Justin Rudd's 1,001 Pageant Questions or the FREE "Five-A-Week Club," one can gain a sense of how to formulate answers and articulate them in a concise and meaningful manner. Practice questions are such a valuable tool. To think that it's not uncommon to spend $1,000 on an evening gown and getting practice questions is just a few dollars -- one would be foolhardy not to properly prepare.

BEING PREPARED means knowing in advance what you will discuss in your interview. Well, you must focus on yourself -- make sure your application and your interview focus on you and your opinions, not those of your family, friends, pageant director, etc. Veering off on some tangent about a distant relative or other such topic is not what the interviewer needs to hear.

He/she wants to hear about YOU. So often, a pageant application/bio sheet will ask the question, "Do you have any famous relatives?" The contestant will go off on a three minute explanation about that person, and "oops, time is up!" Don't waste your short interview time talking about anyone or anything else other than yourself. If you are asked about someone else, quickly explain how that person is important to you and then always bring the interview "back-around" to something about you and/or your opinions/beliefs.

Our Free Offer

AS A COACH, judge and consultant of numerous local, regional, statewide and national pageants, Justin Rudd has had the pleasure of interviewing hundreds of budding pageant titleholders. While no two successful contestants are identical, they do, however, share some basic qualities that have proven effective and oftentimes instrumental in capturing their respective titles.

You have heard time and time again about some of the basic skills that are integral to a successful interview (e.g., maintaining eye contact, posture, composure, poise, appearance). Justin Rudd's Key Tips to a Successful Pageant Interview include some other important points, suggestions and tips that you may not have considered that could be the key to your capturing the crown.

IT'S NO SECRET that one of Justin Rudd's Key Tips to a Successful Pageant Interview is "Practice, Practice, Practice." That's why budding and seasoned pageant titleholders arrange daily to have a friend or family member review practice questions in order to be prepared. By practicing, you too can develop your ideas more clearly and get used to conveying them. Remember, pageants are usually won or lost during the interview process.

So, if you want to be a Pageant Star, order your pageant interview practice questions today, brush up on your skills and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!




4 NOW: When you purchase 1,001 Pageant Questions, we'll include a FREE copy of Justin Rudd's Key Tips to a Successful Pageant Interview. All in loose-leaf form. FAST DELIVERY: we get your order to the post office usually within 24 hours, so you get your 1,001 Questions quick!

only $24.95
1,001 Pageant Questions; Vol. 1 or 2

All Questions are loose-leaf form. Which volumes would you like to order?

Miss Americas

1921, Margaret Gorman, Washington, D.C.

1922, Mary Campbell, Columbus, OH

1923, Mary Campbell, Columbus, OH

1924, Ruth Malcomson, Philadelphia, PA

1925, Fay Lanphier, Oakland, CA

1926, Norma Smallwood, Tulsa, OK

1927, Lois Delander, Joliet, IL

1933, Marian Bergeron, West Haven, Conn.

1935, Henrietta Leaver, Pittsburgh

1936, Rose Coyle, Philadelphia

1937, Bette Cooper, Bertrand Island, N.J.

1938, Marilyn Meseke, Marion, Ohio.

1939, Patricia Donnelly, Detroit, Mich.

1940, Frances Burke, Philadelphia, Pa.

1941, Rosemary LaPlanche, Los Angeles

1942, Jo-Carroll Dennison, Tyler, TX

1943, Jean Bartel, Los Angeles

1944, Venus Ramey, Washington, D.C.

1945, Bess Myerson, New York City, N.Y.

1946, Marilyn Buford, Los Angeles, Calif.

1947, Barbara Walker, Memphis, Tenn.

1948, BeBe Shopp, Hopkins, Minn.

1949, Jacque Mercer, Litchfield, Ariz.

1951, Yolande Betbeze, Mobile, Ala.

1952, Colleen Hutchins, Salt Lake City, UT.

1953, Neva Langley, Macon, Ga.

1954, Evelyn Ay, Ephrata, Pa.

1955, Lee Meriwether, San Francisco, Calif.

1956, Sharon Ritchie, Denver, Colo.

1957, Marian McKnight, Manning, S.C.

1958, Marilyn Van Derbur, Denver, Colo.

1959, Mary Ann Mobley, Brandon, Miss.

1960, Lynda Mead, Natchez, Miss.

1961, Nancy Fleming, Montague, Mich.

1962, Maria Fletcher, Asheville, N.C.

1963, Jacquelyn Mayer, Sandusky, Ohio.

1964, Donna Axum, El Dorado, Ark.

1965, Vonda Van Dyke, Phoenix, Ariz.

1966, Deborah Bryant, Overland Park, Kan.

1967, Jane Jayroe, Laverne, Okla.

1968, Debra Barnes, Pittsburg, Kan.

1969, Judith Ford, Belvidere, Ill.

1970, Pamela Eldred, West Bloomfield, Mich.

1971, Phyllis George, Denton, Texas.

1972, Laurel Lea Schaefer, Bexley, Ohio.

1973, Terry Meeuwsen, De Pere, Wis.

1974, Rebecca King, Denver, Colo.

1975, Shirley Cothran, Denton, Texas.

1976, Tawny Godin, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

1977, Dorothy Benham, Edina, Minn.

1978, Susan Perkins, Columbus, Ohio.

1979, Kylene Barker, Roanoke, Va.

1980, Cheryl Prewitt, Ackerman, Miss.

1981, Susan Powell, Elk City, Okla.

1982, Elizabeth Ward, Russellville, Ark.

1983, Debra Maffett, Anaheim, Calif.

1984, Vanessa Williams, Millwood, N.Y., Sept. 17, 1983, through July 23, 1984.

1984, Suzette Charles, Mays Landing, N.J., July 23, 1984, through Sept. 15, 1984.

1985, Sharlene Wells, Salt Lake City, Utah.

1986, Susan Akin, Meridian, Miss.

1987, Kellye Cash, Memphis, Tenn.

1988, Kaye Lani Rae Rafko, Monroe, Mich.

1989, Gretchen Carlson, Anoka, Minn.

1990, Debbye Turner, Columbia, Mo.

1991, Marjorie Vincent, Oak Park, Ill.

1992, Carolyn Sapp, Honolulu, Hawaii.

1993, Leanza Cornett, Jacksonville, Fla.

1994, Kimberly Clarice Aiken, Columbia, S.C.

1995, Heather Whitestone, Birmingham, Ala.

1996, Shawntel Smith, Muldrow, Okla.

1997, Tara Dawn Holland, Overland Park, Kan.

1998, Kate Shindle, Evanston, Ill.

1999, Nicole Johnson, Virginia Beach, Va.

2000, Heather French, Maysville, Ky.

2001, Angela Perez Baraquio, Honolulu, Hawaii.

2002, Katie Harman, Gresham, Ore.

2003, Erika Harold, Urbana, Ill.

2004, Ericka Dunlap, Orlando, Fla.

2005, Deidre Downs, Birmingham, Ala.

2006, Jennifer Berry, Tulsa, Okla.

2007, Lauren Nelson, Lawton, Okla.

2008, Kirsten Haglund, Farmington Hills, Mich.

2009, Katie Stam, Seymour, Indiana

2010, Caressa Cameron, Virginia

2011, Teresa Scanlan, Nebraska

2012, Laura Kaeppeler, Wisconsin

2013, Mallory Hagan, New York

2014, Nina Davuluri, New York

2015, Kira Kazantsev, New York

2016, Betty Cantrell, Georgia

2017, Savvy Shields, Arkansas