Fire Destroys Legend's Restaurant & Sports Bar
Early morning | June 21, 2005 | Belmont Shore

photos by Justin Rudd
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The American Flag stands tall as billows of smoke rise during the downpour as a fire hose douses the burning building. (44kb) Firefighter Hollomon with the Long Beach Fire Department heads for a ladder to access the roof of the Bar & Grill. (62kb) This firefighter splashes through inches of water that collected in the streets surrounding the fire fight. (60kb) Yellow hoses lie about as tons of water flow within them to douse the flames in Belmont Shore. (83kb)
Rooftop instructions during the fire fight at Legends Bar & Grill in Long Beach. (42kb) Holding the heavy hose across the street from the Grunion Gazette newspaper offices (in background). (49kb) Chain saws were utilized by firefighters to attack the fiery monster. (72kb) Long Beach firefighters headed in all directions attacking the fire from all sides. (57kb)
A youngster dressed as a fireman and being held tightly by his father watches the burning building from across 2nd St. (58kb) As blue skies look on, Ladder Truck T17 pumps water onto the flames of the burning building. (50kb) Fireman atop Peet's Coffee and O' My Sole, the businesses next door to the burning business. (49kb) A rainbow of hope (bottom left) brings a bit of hope as a fireman looks on, while a ladder truck forcefully shoots tons of water down onto the burning building. (26kb) This yellow fire hydrant gets wet from the fire department this sunny morning, instead of from its usual four-legged visitors. (60kb)
As seen from the parking lot of Jack in the Box, firefighters climb ladders to tackle the fire and its smoke. (44kb) The heavily-papered teacher supply/toy store is separated only by a brick wall from the burning building. (63kb) This fit fireman lept out of bed from his Belmont Shore home and runs for his uniform before helping to fight the blaze. (71kb)

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