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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are not planning on doing a pageant this fall 2020. We most likely will just have the pageant in the fall of 2021, so the current titleholders can get a full year of appearances.
Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Ms./Mrs. Long Beach & Southern Calif. Cities pageants
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2020 titleholders, chosen Nov. 24, 2019

• Ozma Dalton, Little Miss Long Beach 2020
• Chloe Brown, Little Miss Southern California Cities 2020
• Isabella Pico, Miss Teen Long Beach 2020
• Zoe Mazakas, Miss Teen Southern California Cities 2020
• Rae Jillian Rivera, Miss Long Beach 2020
• Jena Jimenez, Miss Southern California Cities 2020
• Hali Wolf, Ms. Long Beach 2020
• Susan Silvestri, Ms. Southern California Cities 2020
• Daryllen Stone, Mrs. Long Beach 2020
• Julez Brown, Mrs. Southern California Cities 2020


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Pageant is Sunday, November 24, 2019, 6 p.m., Scottish Rite Temple, 855 Elm Street, Long Beach. Tickets

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2019 LOCATION: Long Beach Scottish Rite Event Center's Ernest Borgnine Theater, 855 Elm Street, Long Beach, 90813. The 800-seat center was built in 1926 and has been designated Historical Landmark #8 by the City of Long Beach.

Dress: upscale/trendy or formal.

Cameras welcome: We welcome flash photography from your seats.
please bring canned goods
Food Bank Items = FREE Parking
For pageant contestants and guests: Get free parking when you bring oatmeal, peanut butter, mac n cheese, boxed cereals, canned tuna, or Cream of Wheat for a local food bank. Donations will be accepted in the lobby when you arrive.

JUDGES: Contestants will find out their judges when they enter the interview room during pageant afternoon.

• Each titleholder will receive a $1,000 (Little Miss) or $1,500 (Teen, Miss, Ms. and Mrs.) appearance contract with Justin Rudd's nonprofit Community Action Team to attend up to 30 of their annual public events, including the Long Beach Turkey Trot, Long Beach Touch-A-Truck, National Adult Spelling Bee, the Great American 4th of July Kids Bike Parade, the Bulldog Beauty Contest, monthly 30-Minute Beach Cleanups, and the Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade. See event list at JustinRudd.com/cat.

Mrs. Long BeachThis is a prestigious, stylish event that will crown "Southern California Cities" and "Long Beach" titleholders in five divisions:
Little Miss: ages 6-10
Teen: ages 13-18
Miss: ages 19-30, never married, no children
Ms.: ages 18+ and divorced or widowed; or 18+ and not legally married with at least one child; or age 31+ and not legally married.
Mrs.: ages 18+ and currently married

Pageant day will culminate with an exciting and elegant event that brings seasoned competitors, as well as first-time delegates to the stage. The pageant is presented by Justin Rudd and his nonprofit 501c3 Community Action Team (C.A.T.).

- Contestants can be accepted into the pageant up until NOON on pageant day.

Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Long Beach and Southern California CitiesUPDATED/LOWER FEES: ENTRY FEE
Paypal accepted at www.Paypal.me/justinrudd or check mailed to "CAT", 3040 E. First Street, Long Beach, 90803. Cash also accepted.
• $100, if payment and entry form received by Nov. 1
• $150, if payment and entry form received by Nov. 10
• $200, if payment and entry form received by Nov. 17
• $250, if payment and entry form received by Nov. 24, noon.

VOLUNTEER HOURS = $$ For those with a demonstrated financial need, volunteer hours at Community Action Team (CAT) events (i.e. beach cleanup, Howl'oween Parade, community spaghetti supper, sidewalk chalk art contest) prior to pageant registration can be applied toward the entry fee at $10/hour, up to $90. Make request with explanation well in advance of the pageant to director Justin@JustinRudd.com, and see the list of CAT events at www.JustinRudd.com/cat. When you write, be sure to include how much money you can put toward the fee and how many hours you can volunteer at CAT events before pageant day.

Little Miss Long Beach 2013Additionally, each contestant is required to sell at least $100 in tickets by at least 48 hours before the pageant begins. If a contestant only sells $90 worth of tickets, she will owe the pageant $10 cash on pageant morning at the beginning of rehearsal. All tickets will be picked-up at will-call on-site on pageant day after 5:30 p.m.
• No refunds or transfers of entry fees or ticket sales.
• There is no printed program book, and subsequently, no required ad sales.


• "Southern California Cities" contestants must live, work, attend school, or regularly volunteer or attend a place of worship regularly in Southern California.
• "Long Beach" contestants must live, work, attend school, or regularly volunteer (or attend a place of worship regularly) in Long Beach and/or be enrolled in the Long Beach Unified School District.
• "Long Beach" delegates are eligible to receive the "Long Beach" and "Southern California Cities."
• As long as they qualify (i.e. age, city requirements), a titleholder can come back and compete for another title, but only after the titleholder sits out at least a pageant year after their first reign. The pageant no longer allows back-to-back titles.

Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Long Beach and Southern California CitiesHOW OUR PAGEANT IS DIFFERENT
• no rehearsals before pageant day.
• no swimsuit or fitness wear competition.
• no required orientations. There will be a pageant orientation/info session Sat., Sept. 28, 2019, 7:15 p.m. at Bay Shore Church, 5100 E. The Toledo. Not mandatory, but highly recommended. RSVP to Justin@JustinRudd.com
• no opening number or choreography, and no talent competition.
• no required platforms (social issues or causes), but a contestant is welcome to have one or more platforms.
• no political or religious questions from our judges.
• no height, weight, or sexual orientation requirement.
NOTE Little Miss delegates may NOT wear makeup or nail polish, and may not enhance themselves with false teeth, lashes, hair extensions, spray tans, etc. No glitter. This is a "natural" Little Miss pageant.
• We welcome unusual hair styles/colors, piercings, eyewear, and tattoos.

Little Miss parents
Every person at the pageant will need to purchase a ticket to get in. We will have volunteers watching over the Little Miss contestants all day. One parent of each Little Miss is welcome to be with their child in the dressing area during the pageant and at rehearsal. We do not allow Little Miss parents backstage or behind the curtain during the pageant. Any male chaperone will not be allowed in the dressing area, but is welcome in the hallway just outside the dressing area.

personal interview - 25%
evening attire (party dress for Little Miss) - 25%
upscale-casual wear in jeans
NEW (no fitness attire for 2019) - 25%
• The remaining 25% of the score will come from pageant staff, CAT board members, and perhaps a few former titleholders.

Interview is an approx. 2 1/2-minute (Little Miss is 2-minute) private conversation with each judge. Not all judges will participate in the interview process. The judges will be given your one-page entry form prior to your interview. They will be looking for articulate and concise responses, comfort level, charm, personality, first impression, and self-confidence. The interview outfit should also be worn during the on-stage introductions. Pants or skirts are equally appropriate. There are no political or religious questions. Interview questions will come from your entry form. 25% of preliminary score.

Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Long Beach and Southern California CitiesOn-stage Introduction
At the beginning of the pageant, all contestants will introduce themselves on-stage for exactly two or three sentences with facts about herself (and less than 10 seconds), in the same outfit she wore in the interview room. There are no particular requirements for this intro, other than finishing it with "from (city where you live, work or attend school), I am contestant # (your contestant number), (first name, last name)." Not scored, but judges will see. Have this memorized before arrival on pageant day.

Upscale-casual wear in jeans
The Little Miss, Teen, Miss, Ms. and Mrs. judges will be looking for energy and confidence. Outfits can include heels, if age appropriate. 25% of preliminary score.

Evening Wear
NOTE: Our pageant highly discourages tippy top shoes.
Long gowns are NOT required for our "evening wear" portion of the contest. Teen/Miss/Ms./Mrs. will wear an outfit that she would wear to a big night out on the town, any style, age-appropriate and tasteful. Cocktail dresses, gowns, a tux or a pants suit are equally suitable. Little Miss should wear a party outfit of her choice (i.e. something she would wear to a place of worship, a nice party or a wedding). Judges will be evaluating stage presence, poise, composure and overall presentation. Only Mrs. contestants will be escorted by their legal husband or wife. Escorts for each Mrs. contestant will need to purchase a ticket and sit in the audience, and should come backstage right after the "upscale-casual wear in jeans" competition ends (and the emcee will announce for the escorts to go backstage). 25% of preliminary score.

Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Long Beach and Southern California CitiesFINALISTS
Approx. 6-8 finalists are expected to be announced in each division and will include "Southern California Cities" and "Long Beach" candidates.

The finalists will be given an on-stage question(s)/interview from the host/emcee and will be judged on her speaking ability, confidence and ability to think quickly to express herself. The final balloting will take into consideration the finalist's answer to the question(s) and her overall impression on the judges throughout the competition.

Our official Facebook fan pages:
Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Long Beach
Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Southern California Cities

• swimwear and athletic wear competitions have been removed.
• contestants can wear evening wear (long gowns are not mandatory; cocktail dresses, pants suits welcome).
• Ms. division added 2017

Check or money order payable to "CAT," c/o Justin Rudd, 3040 E. First Street, Long Beach, CA 90803. If you are not accepted as a contestant because of eligibility, your payment will be returned to you. Once accepted and check is deposited, fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. The pageant also accepts Paypal payments to Justin@JustinRudd.com.


Teen/Miss/Ms./Mrs. arrive (do not arrive early or late)
1-4 Teen/Miss/Ms./Mrs. rehearsals on stage
Teen/Miss/Ms./Mrs. interviews
Little Miss arrive in interview attire
Little Miss rehearsals on stage
Little Miss interviews
Ticket Booth (cash only) & Will-Call Booth Opens
Doors Open
6-8:30 p.m.

Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Long Beach and Southern California CitiesCOURT
We will announce a winner and a 1st runner-up in each division of the "Southern California Cities" and "Long Beach" pageants. It is possible for a contestant to be the runner-up for both the "Southern California Cities" and "Long Beach" titles. For example, if a Miss delegate from Long Beach has the third highest score, then she would be first in line to take over either the "Southern California Cities" or "Long Beach" titleholder, if pageant officials choose to appoint a new titleholder.

The titleholders will represent this area and the Community Action Team (C.A.T.) as goodwill ambassadors and official hostesses at events. Typically, titleholders will make several appearances during their reign at charity events, official city programs, and business events. There will be approx. 30-32 possible appearances for each titleholder on behalf of CAT. Titleholders are NOT required to attend every one, but we do ask that titleholders make concerted efforts to attend.

Moreover, each titleholder will be awarded an appearance contract and will accrue $50 for each official C.A.T. event on-time appearance. For example, a Teen/Miss/Ms./Mrs. titleholder who attends 30 events @ $50 each will receive $1,500. Or, 10 appearances will get $500. Funds are given out on the last day of her reign (pageant day). There is a strict on-time-arrival policy.

Examples of appearances for the Community Action Team (CAT) include the Long Beach Touch-A-Truck; Long Beach Turkey Trot 5K/10K on Thanksgiving morning; Interfaith Blessing of the Animals; the Bulldog Beauty Contest; the National Adult Spelling Bee; Belmont Shore Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest; monthly 30-Minute Beach Cleanups; the Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade; the Long Beach Giving Project; the Long Beach Bake-Off; the Red High Heels Walk; etc. See all CAT events at: www.CommunityActionTeam.org Miss Long Beach

The winners may also choose (if qualified) to participate in an approved state pageant in California representing their Long Beach or Southern California Cities titles when at-large delegates are allowed (i.e. Miss California USA, Miss California Int'l or Mrs. California United States) and if that area title is available. The titleholders may also choose to use her accumulated appearance fees to enter that state pageant after her current reign is complete.

- Build inner-confidence
- Become even more well-rounded physically, spiritually, mentally and socially
- Improve your already successful and proven track record
- Create lasting friendships
- Showcase your abilities
- Promote your messages and plats
- Strengthen your character
- Win great prizes/appearance contract.

PRIZES (subject to change)

Little Miss Southern CaliforniaLittle Miss
- $1,000 appearance contract from the Community Action Team (CAT)
- tiara
- banner
- entry in the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade
- cut/style at SWAG by Holly, expires Jan. 31, 2020

Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Long Beach and Southern California CitiesTeen
- $1,500 appearance contract from the Community Action Team (CAT)
- tiara
- banner
- entry in the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade
- cut/style at SWAG by Holly, expires Jan. 31, 2020
- $100 gift certificate to Sugar and Sol

- $1,500 appearance contract from the Community Action Team (CAT)
- tiara
- banner
- entry in the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade
- cut/style at SWAG by Holly, expires Jan. 31, 2020
- $100 gift certificate to Sugar and Sol

- $1,500 appearance contract from the Community Action Team (CAT)
- tiara
- banner
- entry in the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade
- cut/style at SWAG by Holly, expires Jan. 31, 2020
- $100 gift certificate to Sugar and Sol

Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Long Beach and Southern California CitiesMrs.
- $1,500 appearance contract from the Community Action Team (CAT)
- tiara
- banner
- entry in the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade
- cut/style at SWAG by Holly, expires Jan. 31, 2020
- $100 gift certificate to Sugar and Sol

1. Once on-site on pageant day, delegates can no longer get help from anyone (including other contestants) with their hair, makeup, and/or dressing (helping someone to zip up is fine). Little Miss can get help from their parent/guardian.
2. Age requirement. NOTE: there is a two-week grace period on these age ranges: Miss delegates must be 19 - 30 years old on pageant day and never married and no children. Teen delegates must be 13 -18 on pageant day. Little Miss delegates must be 6 - 10 years old. Ms. delegates must be age 31 & older and not legally married; or age 18+ and previously married, but currently not legally married. Mrs. delegates must be at least 18, and married at least 21 days on pageant day. Documentation (copy of government-issued ID, driver's license, marriage certificate, etc.) required for verification.
3. "Long Beach" delegates must live, work, go to school, or attend a place of worship regularly in Long Beach, or volunteer regularly in Long Beach. "Southern California Cities" delegates must live, work, or go to school within Southern California. Documentation must be provided for verification.
4. Teen, Miss, and Ms. delegates agree to not marry until the obligations as a delegate or as a titleholder have been fully discharged. If they get married during their reign, they would no longer be the titleholder. Delegates agree to notate that on her info sheet when submitted to the pageant director.
5. Delegates must be a citizen of the US, hold a green card, have a work or school visa, or be currently enrolled as a student with ID.
6. If a delegate has ever been convicted of a felony or other crime, she agrees to write that in a note to the pageant director before the night's competition. This pageant believes in second chances and forgiveness.
7. Mrs. delegates must be legally married for at least 21 days by pageant day. Documentation required for verification (i.e. marriage license). It is okay to have been previously divorced. Legal same-sex marriages are welcome. The Mrs. titleholder must remain married and not separated from their spouse (same spouse as on pageant day). The pageant welcomes Ms. and Mrs. contestants who have kids and/or who are pregnant.
8. Violation of pageant rules or contract is reason for immediate disqualification from the pageant or removal of the title and the return of all prizes, money received, and forfeiture of any appearance fees owed. The pageant director reserves the right to remove titles or delegates from the pageant for immoral or illegal conduct, as determined by the pageant director.
9. The pageant will be judged utilizing the categories of interview, evening wear, athletic wear, and on-stage questions. The decision of the judges will be final.
10. Delegates will furnish their own evening wear, athletic wear, and interview attire. The same interview attire should be worn for both the personal interview and on-stage introduction.
11. Delegates will provide their own snacks, meals and drinks on pageant day.

12. Titleholders agree to clear all public appearances representing the title with the pageant director, and further agree not to use the title or make appearances without the consent of the pageant director.
Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Long Beach and Southern California Cities13. Entrant may have a modeling or agency contract, but it does not give that entity the right to use the title or reference without written permission from the pageant director.
14. Any applicant entering this pageant under false pretense will, thereby, forfeit the title and all prizes awarded to her.
15. The pageant believes in second chances and forgiveness. We don't like surprises. If there is anything questionable in a contestant's past, please make it known to the pageant director IN WRITING on or before rehearsal begins on pageant day. Otherwise, candidates must represent that they have not and will not engage in any activities which, if disclosed to the public, would bring, or tend to bring, the candidate, the pageant director, the pageant, or any of their subsidiaries, affiliated or related companies into disrepute, ridicule or contempt not limited to, but to include any type of use of illegal drugs, any other illegal behavior or activity, professional or amateur nude or semi-nude dancing or modeling in any sexually-oriented business or club, any type of nude or semi-nude photographs or video tapes, prostitution, any felony conviction, probation or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
16. We welcome our titleholders to do other pageants. Delegates must agree that if they win the title, they will not participate in any pageants during the time that they hold the "Long Beach" or "Southern California Cities" titles, unless authorized in writing by the pageant director. We understand that our titleholders may want to go on to other pageants, but get written permission first.
17. Contestants must release, unconditionally and forever, any claim against this pageant, or related companies and their respective officers, directors, partners, employees, agents and assigns, which contestant may have by virtue of their participation or by any use of the contestant's name, likeness, voice and/or biography in connection with the pageant, including use in all promotional and advertising material, with or without compensation.
18. On pageant day, contestants must arrive on time with all wardrobe needs, since they are not allowed to leave the pageant location once they check in.
19. No friends or family members will be allowed in the dressing room or back stage at any time (see Little Miss parent exception below).
Teen/Miss/Ms./Mrs. contestants will be responsible for getting their own things to/from the dressing area to the lobby.
20. Little Miss candidates can have one parent/guardian in the dressing area, but not in the backstage area (that parent will need a ticket to enter the theater where the pageant takes place).
If a Mrs. contestant also has a daughter competing in the Little Miss division, the parent can assign another adult to oversee her daughter in the dressing area during rehearsal and during the pageant.)
21. Delegate will be on time and conduct herself in a courteous, professional manner at all times during the pageant and while representing a pageant title.
22. Judges scores and comments will not be shared. Contestants should not address judges after the pageant concerning their participation in the pageant.
23. Little Miss delegates may NOT wear makeup, nor nail polish (clear or colored) and may not enhance themselves with false teeth, lashes, hair extensions, wigs, spray tans, etc.
This is a "natural" Little Miss pageant. They may wear clear chapstick with no gloss and no glitter.
24. No contestant may draw on muscles or the appearance of muscles with makeup, patina or spray tanning.

25. A contestant and titleholder may not incur or authorize to incur, any debts on behalf of the Pageant.
26. Fees and ticket sales are not refundable or transferable in full or in part under any circumstances.
27. At least $100 in ticket sales must be paid in full at least 48 hours prior to the pageant. If entering within 48 hours of the pageant, a delegate must still sell $100 in tickets or pay the balance in cash when she arrives pageant morning for rehearsal.
Little Miss/Teen/Miss/Mrs. Long Beach and Southern California Cities28. A titleholder's reign may or may not be more/less than 365 days -- all depending on the date selected to hold the next year's pageant.
29. Titleholders agree to not add any jewels or additions to the banner that is provided.
30. Contestants and titleholders will not give any written or verbal endorsement of any mercantile commodity or commercial or charitable organization without obtaining specific written authority from the Pageant Director.
31. A titleholder cannot hold the same "Long Beach" or "Southern California Cities" title more than once, but you can compete for another title (in the same age division or another division) if you qualify and after you sit out for at least one pageant year. For example, Miss Long Beach 2019 can not compete for the title of Miss Southern California Cities 2020.
32. All eligibility issues are resolved at the discretion of the pageant director.
33. No use of cell phones or cameras in the dressing area -- for privacy.

34. These rules are subject to change or amendment by the pageant director.

2019 titleholders
Congratulations to the 2019 titleholders!
• Sophia Soriano, Little Miss Long Beach 2019
• Lily Duckwitz, Little Miss Southern California Cities 2019
• Brianna Hardey, Miss Teen Long Beach 2019
• Alyssa Johnson, Miss Teen Southern California Cities 2019
• Alicia Diaz, Miss Long Beach 2019
• Jessica Shipma, Miss Southern California Cities 2019
• Tanya Figueroa, Ms. Long Beach 2019
• Julia Edwards, Ms. Southern California Cities 2019
• Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, Mrs. Long Beach 2019
• Leanne Pheasant, Mrs. Southern California Cities 2019


Photos from the Nov. 13, 2016 pageant
Click above to see photos from the November 2019 pageant.

Miss Long Beach and Miss Southern California Cities pageants

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